The trusted forex brokers have built their reputation by sticking to a stringent code of practice that has been fixed by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK and Cyprus CySEC authority. When you work with one of the brokers that are been governed by these authorities you are at least sure of the security of your deposits and the proper execution of your trades. Traders that are interested in registering with these brokers need to bring out sufficient time to carry out research on their choice of brokers. It is important that after their research they are able to register with a broker with good reputation and understanding of the marketplace.

This will ensure that trades are provided with learning opportunities, free account demos and a good number of payment options. The FX market is the biggest in the world and the basis of its activities is on the fluctuations of the currency exchange. There is no time frame as to when trading activities can occur; it can be during the night or daytime, Monday to Friday. Tradings are done using universal bank network, stockholders and traders that are all in operation in the forex marketplace. For those who are looking for trustworthy forex brokers in the market now, they can have a look at the governed and trusted forex brokers mentioned below:


AVATrade is under the regulation of the Central Bank of Ireland. The platform which is popularly known is Irish-based and operates in Europe offering stocks, CFDs and forex to traders. This platform is suitable for traders that want to take part in the international market. Because a single account is used to manage the trades, it is easy to monitor all deals at every time.

With this platform, you can make use of different methods to make payment. Its reliability is quite known having been in the business for so many years. It uses the MetaTrader 4 platform which for so many years has been recognized as the industry standard. Traders can also register with their AutoTrader service which permits them to carry out a pre-programmed trade all around the clock.


This trading platform is universal. It offers forex trading with CFDs and Futures CFDs, and ETFs. So for those who are looking for that universal trade in all platforms, they might want to consider Plus500 and try to figure out the benefit it offers when registered with them. It is important for the traders to be aware of the risk involved with trading forex, stocks and other commodities. One of the huge gains they can get from using a demo account is that they are able to use virtual funds to trade and have a real grasp of how much money they can gain or lose from a trade.

For a leverage of say 200:1 that can be gotten from the above brokers, one can tell the way money might be made or lost during a forex trade.Funds can be transferred to the trading accounts using different methods like NE teller, Diners Club International, credit cards and PayPal. Plus500 uses a single account to manage all trading’s on different platforms which make for easy monitoring of every trade at every single time. The fee it charges is standard for every trade and there are no commissions on traded forex. This platform also offers special tools that enable expert graphing and charting. This is suitable for beginning traders that are interested in learning all they can on trading through an extensive variety of options. You can know more at